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Results include surface land use in northeast B.C. up to 15 March 2020

Ecological Assessment Units

Consideration of Area-based Analysis (ABA) is required in the planning of all oil and gas activity in northeast BC.Operators are required to avoid new activity within identified features (habitat, old forest or riparian reserves) designated as enhanced management or regulatory policy. Information regarding ABA Status is required in the online application process for all activities requiring new land. This information will be considered in the review and determination procedure. Additional information regarding ABA can be found online at and Supplementary Information for ABA.

Operators considering new activity can use this tool to determine the ABA Status of each ABA Value in their operating area. Spatial datasets for planning and mapping can also be downloaded (see industry shapefiles).

The adjacent map shows all the Water Management Basins (WMB) in northeast BC. If you are not familiar with WMB you can use this map to identify WMB in your operating area, or access the spatial data online through BCGW. To view status information select the appropriate WMB from the pull-down above and use the menu to navigate through reports for each ABA Value.

Surface Land Use (SLU) captures all known industrial disturbance and infrastructure within northeast BC. SLU includes all past, present and permitted activity on the landscape. SLU information is reported in hectares by WMB in four distinct classes; oil and gas activity; non-oil and gas activity; geophysical activity and cutblocks.

ABA Values, including Old Forest, Riparian Reserves and Wildlife are determined at regional levels known as ecological assessment units. The ecological assessment unit for riparian reserve zones are Water Management Basins (WMB), and this is the common assessment area referenced in this tool. Old Forest are managed at a Natural Disturbance Unit (NDU) level but are organized by WMB in this report for consistency.

All ABA results are reported for crown land only.


Area-based Analysis (ABA) is a framework established by the BC Oil and Gas Commission to manage for cumulative impacts in northeast BC. ABA measures incremental disturbance to environmental values at a landscape level, considering all known past, present and reasonably foreseeable industrial disturbance. Ecological assessment units are risk ranked by assigning ABA Status to each area, this status can be either normal, enhanced management or regulatory policy. This online tool reports the ABA Status and disturbance information for each ABA Value (Old Forest, Riparian and Wildlife).