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WA NumWell NameOperatorAbandoned Status DateDescendingCasing Cutoff FlagCOR Flag
19765PETRONAS BONAVISTA N BUBBLES A- 082-C/094-G-08PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.29-MAR-2021YN
15151PETRONAS ET AL W FLATROCK 10-03-085-17PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.26-MAR-2021YN
09664SIGNALTA ET AL VELMA A- 044-C/094-H-08Signalta Resources Limited15-MAR-2021YN
10825TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 022-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.01-MAR-2021YN
11583TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 024-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.01-MAR-2021YN
10824TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 001-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.28-FEB-2021YN
19024TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA D- 010-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.28-FEB-2021YN
08524TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA C- 092-B/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.27-FEB-2021YN
17259TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA A- 010-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.27-FEB-2021YN
11575TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 002-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.27-FEB-2021YN
19074TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA C- 093-B/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.27-FEB-2021YN
17286TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA C- 091-B/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.27-FEB-2021YN
11494TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA A- 079-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.26-FEB-2021YN
11397TAQA NORTH TRIUMPH CHINCHAGA B- 005-I/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.25-FEB-2021YN
10829TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA B- 072-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.24-FEB-2021YN
08580TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA A- 021-K/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.23-FEB-2021YN
12364TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA A- 100-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.23-FEB-2021YN
11737TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA B- 058-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.23-FEB-2021YN
13140TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINACHAGA B- 075-A/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.22-FEB-2021YN
10296TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA B- 069-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.22-FEB-2021YN
08542TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA D- 052-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.22-FEB-2021YN
09820TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA C- 035-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.22-FEB-2021YN
10295TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA D- 013-J/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.21-FEB-2021YN
10843TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA C- 048-J/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.21-FEB-2021YN
20455TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA D- 055-A/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.19-FEB-2021YN
19073TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA B- 064-A/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.19-FEB-2021YN
13199SHELL SATURN 05-09-080-19Shell Canada Limited19-FEB-2021YN
18992TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA B- 065-A/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.19-FEB-2021YN
20470TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA B- 063-A/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.19-FEB-2021YN
10831TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 020-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.18-FEB-2021YN
11573TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA C- 012-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.18-FEB-2021YN
08705SHELL ET AL SUNSET 05-21-080-18Shell Canada Limited18-FEB-2021YN
22524SHELL HZ SUNSET 15-21-080-18Shell Canada Limited18-FEB-2021YN
11582TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 045-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.18-FEB-2021YN
20101SHELL SUNSET A07-08-079-18Shell Canada Limited17-FEB-2021YN
11594TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 034-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.17-FEB-2021YN
17807SHELL SUNDOWN C- 028-B/093-P-10Shell Canada Limited16-FEB-2021YN
10302TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA D- 037-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.15-FEB-2021YN
11361TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA B- 049-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.15-FEB-2021YN
10835TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA C- 038-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.14-FEB-2021YN
09635TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA A- 054-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
13539TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA C- 048-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
10838TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA B- 060-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
10826TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 032-G/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
19033TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA D- 036-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
11586TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA B- 044-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
19042TAQA NORTH CHINCHAGA B- 056-H/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
12371TAQA NORTH ET AL CHINCHAGA D- 094-B/094-H-08TAQA North Ltd.12-FEB-2021YN
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