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WA NumWell NameOperatorAbandoned Status DateDescendingCasing Cutoff FlagCOR Flag
21560PETRONAS ET AL W LAPRISE C- 003-J/094-G-08PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.24-MAR-2022YN
20979NTE CANADA HZ GUNNELL C- 049-H/094-I-13NTE Energy Canada Ltd.22-MAR-2022YN
01865ENERCAPITA E SIPHON 06-04-087-15Enercapita Energy Ltd.22-MAR-2022YN
03528ENERCAPITA E SIPHON 06-03-087-15Enercapita Energy Ltd.21-MAR-2022YN
03852ENERCAPITA ET AL E SIPHON 10-10-087-15Enercapita Energy Ltd.21-MAR-2022YN
07699ENERCAPITA N BOUNDARY 06-14-088-15Enercapita Energy Ltd.20-MAR-2022YN
16170ENERCAPITA ET AL SIPHON 15-25-086-16Enercapita Energy Ltd.19-MAR-2022YN
13994ENERCAPITA ET AL BOUNDARY A10-18-087-13Enercapita Energy Ltd.17-MAR-2022YN
04039ENERCAPITA ET AL SIPHON 11-14-086-16Enercapita Energy Ltd.17-MAR-2022YN
07694ENERCAPITA ET AL BOUNDARY 10-12-087-14Enercapita Energy Ltd.16-MAR-2022YN
06579ENERCAPITA ET AL N BOUNDARY 06-13-087-14Enercapita Energy Ltd.16-MAR-2022YN
27462ENERCAPITA BOUNDARY 16-20-086-13Enercapita Energy Ltd.15-MAR-2022YN
16818ENERPLUS TOMMY D- 082-F/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation12-MAR-2022YN
20052ENERPLUS TOMMY A- 059-J/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation12-MAR-2022YN
170281116331 CARIBOU D- 010-H/094-A-161116331 B.C. Ltd.09-MAR-2022YN
08709ZARGON MONIAS 12-35-083-21Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.27-FEB-2022YN
02406RBR ET AL SILVER D- 081-L/094-H-06Ridgeback Resources Inc.23-FEB-2022YN
05350TOURMALINE ET AL SQUIRREL 08-27-087-19Tourmaline Oil Corp.22-FEB-2022YN
06547ZARGON ET AL MONIAS 06-02-083-22Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.21-FEB-2022YN
10739ENERPLUS ET AL TOMMY D-A048-J/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation19-FEB-2022YN
01674ZARGON BOUNDARY 12-26-085-14Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.19-FEB-2022YN
10771ENERPLUS ET AL TOMMY D- 048-J/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation19-FEB-2022YN
09056ENERPLUS ET AL TOMMY C- 078-L/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation06-FEB-2022YN
23831BENCH CREEK RES MAXHAMISH D- 055-G/094-O-14Bench Creek Resources Ltd.01-FEB-2022YN
11205BENCH CREEK RES MAXHAMISH B- 079-G/094-O-11Bench Creek Resources Ltd.01-FEB-2022YN
11625BENCH CREEK RES MAXHAMISH D- 035-G/094-O-11Bench Creek Resources Ltd.01-FEB-2022YN
16070BENCH CREEK RES MAXHAMISH A- 086-J/094-O-06Bench Creek Resources Ltd.31-JAN-2022YN
16198BENCH CREEK RES HZ MAXHAMISH B- 052-B/094-O-14Bench Creek Resources Ltd.31-JAN-2022YN
18392ENERPLUS TOMMY A- 096-G/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation28-JAN-2022YN
15329ENERPLUS ET AL TOMMY C- 098-G/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation28-JAN-2022YN
20072ENERPLUS TOMMY D- 087-G/094-G-09Enerplus Corporation25-JAN-2022YN
23838ECOG TATTOO D- 097-B/094-O-10EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.11-JAN-2022YN
24293LONGSHORE GOOSE 08-30-084-21Longshore Resources Ltd.12-DEC-2021YN
23038CARDINAL ET AL MICA 09-25-081-14Cardinal Energy Ltd.19-NOV-2021YN
10724WHITECAP ET AL BOUNDARY 12-28-085-14Whitecap Resources Inc.29-OCT-2021YN
26179ECOG GOTE C- 018-B/094-O-09EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.17-OCT-2021YN
26180ECOG TATTOO C- 035-E/094-O-10EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.16-OCT-2021YN
25875ECOG HZ TATTOO D-A028-F/094-O-10EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.15-OCT-2021YN
25586ECOG HZ TATTOO D- 028-F/094-O-10EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.15-OCT-2021YN
28025ECOG HZ TATTOO C-A057-C/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.14-OCT-2021YN
27738ECOG HZ TATTOO C- 057-C/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.14-OCT-2021YN
25594ECOG HZ MAXHAMISH A-A098-F/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.13-OCT-2021YN
24044ECOG HZ MAXHAMISH B- 021-L/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.13-OCT-2021YN
25599ECOG HZ MAXHAMISH A-C098-F/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.11-OCT-2021YN
27820ECOG HZ MAHAMISH A-F098-F/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.11-OCT-2021YN
25598ECOG HZ MAXHAMISH A-B098-F/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.11-OCT-2021YN
25362ECOG MAXHAMISH A-D001-L/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.09-OCT-2021YN
25222ECOG HZ MAXHAMISH A-A001-L/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.09-OCT-2021YN
25276ECOG HZ MAXHAMISH A-C001-L/094-O-15EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.08-OCT-2021YN
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