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Approved Applications

Application NumberProponentApplication typeActivitiesApplication StatusStart DateDecision DateAscendingCalendar DaysAD Number
100115026Crew Energy Inc.AmendmentFacility Type: Battery Site, Facility ID: 00018019Approved26-NOV-202119-APR-2022145100080130
100115038ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000024989Approved06-JAN-202219-APR-2022104100106056
100115039ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000022963Approved24-JAN-202219-APR-202286100077211
100114697Pavilion Energy Corp.AmendmentFacility Type: Compressor Station, Facility ID: 00000260Approved12-JAN-202220-APR-202298100082482
100115040ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000024820Approved06-JAN-202220-APR-2022104100103472
100114153Longshore Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000024257Approved04-AUG-202120-APR-2022259100101575
100114152Longshore Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000015777Approved04-AUG-202120-APR-2022260100049834
100114380Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00026375Approved23-SEP-202120-APR-2022210100102559
100114381Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00025040Approved23-SEP-202120-APR-2022210100073266
100115111Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentWell WA Num # 33266
Well WA Num # 33267
Well WA Num # 33268
Well WA Num # 33269
Well WA Num # 33270
Well WA Num # 33271
Well WA Num # 33272
Well WA Num # 33273
100115779Foothills Pipe Lines (South B.C.) Ltd.New NEB RelatedChanges In and About a StreamApproved19-APR-202220-APR-20222100115779
100114420Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentPipeline Project # 000023294Approved24-SEP-202120-APR-2022209100080086
100115163Pavilion Energy Corp.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000008389Approved15-MAR-202220-APR-202236100025011
100115140Leucrotta Exploration Inc.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000017863Approved11-JAN-202220-APR-2022100100054771
100115171Pacific Canbriam Energy LimitedNew OGAAFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00027514Approved21-JAN-202221-APR-202291100115171
100114502Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentWell WA Num # 28479Approved20-OCT-202121-APR-2022184100076806
100114505Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentWell WA Num # 27080Approved20-OCT-202121-APR-2022184100073081
100114524Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentWell WA Num # 37220
Well WA Num # 37221
Well WA Num # 37222
Well WA Num # 37231
Well WA Num # 37232
Well WA Num # 37233
Well WA Num # 37234
Well WA Num # 37235
100115288ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentFacility Type: Gas Processing Plant, Facility ID: 00007858Approved14-JAN-202221-APR-202298100073627
100114535Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00024985Approved13-OCT-202121-APR-2022191100073079
100113842Canadian Natural Resources LimitedAmendmentPipeline Project # 000005067Approved22-JUN-202122-APR-2022305100012152
100113932Tourmaline Oil Corp.AmendmentFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00018146Approved13-JUL-202122-APR-2022283100080291
100114581Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentWell WA Num # 39902
Well WA Num # 39903
Well WA Num # 39904
Well WA Num # 39905
100114479Murphy Oil Company Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000025101Approved08-OCT-202122-APR-2022197100103917
100115758Cedar LNG Partners (GP) Ltd.AmendmentChanges In and About a StreamApproved12-APR-202222-APR-202211100115528
100114702Canadian Natural Resources LimitedAmendmentFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00025424Approved23-NOV-202125-APR-2022153100075253
100114475Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00027070Approved28-OCT-202125-APR-2022179100109285
100114595Ovintiv Canada ULCAmendmentWell WA Num # 36662
Well WA Num # 36663
Well WA Num # 36664
Well WA Num # 36665
Well WA Num # 36666
Well WA Num # 36667
Well WA Num # 36668
Well WA Num # 36669
Well WA Num # 36670
Well WA Num # 36671
Well WA Num # 36672
Well WA Num # 36673
Well WA Num # 36674
Well WA Num # 36675
100113554ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000025279Approved29-SEP-202126-APR-2022209100108420
100115815Foothills Pipe Lines (South B.C.) Ltd.New NEB RelatedChanges In and About a StreamApproved21-APR-202226-APR-20225100115815
100114154Longshore Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000017425Approved04-AUG-202126-APR-2022266100054671
100113344Crew Energy Inc.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000024801Approved06-AUG-202126-APR-2022264100103587
100113769ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000025447Approved15-NOV-202126-APR-2022163100110003
100114037ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000025187Approved27-OCT-202126-APR-2022182100107337
100115102FortisBC Energy Inc.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000001294Approved10-MAR-202226-APR-202248100002172
100114735ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000023417Approved19-NOV-202127-APR-2022159100080779
100114086Tourmaline Oil Corp.AmendmentFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00026537Approved29-JUL-202127-APR-2022273100102937
100114731Ovintiv Canada ULCNew OGAAFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00027483Approved18-NOV-202127-APR-2022161100114731
100115401Altagas Holdings Inc.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000024135Approved08-FEB-202227-APR-202278100100515
100113745NorthRiver Midstream Inc.AmendmentFacility Type: Tank Terminal, Facility ID: 00018142Approved09-JUL-202127-APR-2022293100081455
100114721Canadian Natural Resources LimitedNew OGAAFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00027482Approved23-DEC-202127-APR-2022125100114721
100115466FortisBC Energy Inc.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000001644Approved31-MAR-202227-APR-202227100003742
100115211ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000024871Approved12-JAN-202227-APR-2022106100104708
100115458FortisBC Energy Inc.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000005205Approved05-APR-202227-APR-202223100012832
100115160Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.New OGAAAssociated Oil and Gas Activity: Access
Associated Oil and Gas Activity: Helipad
Associated Oil and Gas Activity: Staging Area
Associated Oil and Gas Activity: Workspace
Changes In and About a Stream
Partially Approved24-JAN-202227-APR-202294100115160
100115443FortisBC Energy Inc.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000005206Approved07-APR-202228-APR-202221100012834
100114010PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd.AmendmentFacility Type: Water Hub, Facility ID: 00027213Approved15-SEP-202128-APR-2022226100110867
100114036ARC Resources Ltd.AmendmentPipeline Project # 000025169Approved27-OCT-202128-APR-2022184100107026
100114181Black Swan Energy Ltd.New OGAAFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00027395Approved30-AUG-202128-APR-2022242100114181
100115170Pacific Canbriam Energy LimitedNew OGAAFacility Type: Well Facility, Facility ID: 00027513Approved19-JAN-202228-APR-2022100100115170
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