ABA Status for Old Forest (by Natural Disturbance Unit (s) that insersect watershed)

Natural Disturbance UnitOld Forest TargetTotal Crown Area (ha)Crown Forest Landbase (ha)Crown Old Forest Area (ha)Percent Old ForestABA Status
Northern Boreal Mountains37 %4,326,6452,779,7531,326,55547.4 %Normal
Wet Trench80 %52,78826,03818,49370.9 %Enhanced Management
Boreal Foothills33 %1,171,864972,408369,67834.4 %Normal
Wet Mountain84 %648,458477,750309,21563.5 %Enhanced Management
Boreal Plains17 %8,897,0917,955,4291,589,03618.5 %Normal
Omineca58 %323,987250,328123,19448.5 %Enhanced Management
Reported area references the entire NDU and does not include private land